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積極推廣僑胞台語教育 深耕社區落實基層服務

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Seattle Taiwanese Christian Church of United Church of Chris is near by Green Lake. Rev. Jerry Chang (張人哲牧師) is currently serving the church.

The Church is reaching out its ministry to the community services by facilitating the church space for the local Taiwanese community. The church also works with the Seattle Taiwanese Languages Association providing after-school Children and Adult Taiwanese classes. The classes elected the curriculum from a variety of ranges including the elementary school textbooks from the Ministry of Education of Taiwan and the textbooks for the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. The services are well-recognized by the community.

台灣民眾黨(TPP)瑞貢雙平許家源主任,正於State of Washington、State of Nevada、State of California探親,拜訪台灣僑胞也前往拜訪參與。



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